Chiropractic Care

At Backs on Burnside, we are proud to be a woman-owned and operated business since 1991. As a team, we strive to provide the highest-quality care available, which includes working closely with all of our clients to create a personalized treatment plan to meet their needs. We offer walk-in appointments daily and follow up every chiropractic session with a deep tissue massage. Our goal is to provide the exceptional ongoing wellness that our clients need, especially those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, suffered a sports-related injury, or been involved in a workplace injury. It is for these reasons and many more that we have been named one of Portland’s best chiropractic offices for several years in a row! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or stop by our office today!

Chiropractic Health Center

When you visit Backs on Burnside, our team of chiropractic physicians and massage therapists will work closely with you to ensure you receive a comfortable and effective treatment. To help guarantee that you receive the most benefits from our services, we will collect a thorough medical history and perform a physical exam during your first appointment. Gathering this information will help us create a baseline of your current symptoms, so we know where to start and which techniques will be the most useful. We offer a wide range of chiropractic and massage services, including:

  • Work Injury Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Car Accident Chiropractic
  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Sports Chiropractic
  • Chiropractic Massage
  • Physical Therapy
  • And So Much More!

Whether you’re coming to us to relieve your back pain, neck pain, headaches, or anything in between, our main goal is to help you eliminate this discomfort. But there are so many other benefits to receiving chiropractic and massage treatments, including improving circulation, sciatica relief, improving posture, increasing range of motion, preventing future injuries, healing damaged muscles, and more!

Chiropractic Clinic Near Me

When you need a chiropractic or massage specialist, trust the experts at Backs on Burnside. We are a locally-owned company that takes great pride in providing local residents with the highest quality customer care. By creating personalized treatment plans, we put our client’s needs above everything else to ensure they receive the most effective services. We also accept most major insurances, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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…named one of Portland’s Best
Chiropractic Offices 5 years in a row!