Everyday Pain

You don’t have to be injured to need care. Pain can appear without warning or explanation. We overdo it at work, we sit too long at our computers, we carry the stress of the world on our shoulders. And sooner or later something gives. Our neck kinks just lifting our head off the pillow, our back locks up bending over in the shower or that nagging headache doesn’t go away with a good night’s rest.

Backs on Burnside treats everyday pain. We can assess your condition, help you take a breath and ease discomfort. Whether texting suddenly hurts your thumbs and wrists, you begin getting foot pain getting out of bed in the morning or your knees start aching going down stairs, everyday pain can limit your life and sap energy.

At Backs on Burnside we take your situation seriously and treat your condition with a personal touch. No two treatment plans are the same. Our experienced team tunes into your condition and helps discover the cause and remedy for everyday stress and strain. Chiropractic, massage and exercise therapy all help when pain signals that something isn’t right. Whether it just happened or you’ve been living with this for months or years, our team is here to treat, advise and bring balance to your life.

Wellness Visits

Escape from everyday pain with elective chiropractic treatment, massage or rehab.

  • The Chiropractic Wellness Program — Regular monthly or more frequent treatments scheduled in advance to help you maintain better physical and mental well-being
  • The Massage Wellness Program — Regular monthly or more frequent treatments scheduled in advance to help reduce muscle tension and enhance relaxation.
  • The Rehab/Exercise Program — Learn stretches and techniques to use at home with either no or low-cost equipment. More information on Rehab/Exercise Program
  • These visits are not eligible for insurance but are provided at reduced cost. To enroll, talk to one of our team’s chiropractors or massage therapists.