Exercise Therapy

Empowering people to have an active role in their healing is an important part of Backs on Burnside’s treatment approach. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or managing everyday pain, exercise therapy can create long lasting relief.

Injury Recovery

Exercise Rehab helps our bodies regain function after an injury. When accidents occur whether in a car, on a bike or at the workplace, relieving pain with chiropractic and massage is the first step in recovery. But retraining our bodies to function again is an early and important phase of getting our lives back to normal. At Backs on Burnside, exercise rehab begins in the treatment room with assessment and advice from your chiropractic physician. Next, sessions with an exercise assistant are prescribed to address your specific injuries and the activities that were cut short by the accident. We work with you one on one in the office and advise you on how to continue your progress at home with a program of easy to follow exercise, self care tools and habit changing information. Backs on Burnside provides support for long lasting recovery.

Everyday Pain

Backs on Burnside knows that what you do in your everyday life is important. To keep you out of pain and functioning at your best, our chiropractic physicians prescribe individual exercise plans that take you into account and train you to feel better and more effective at what you do. Our personal coaching assesses your home ergonomics, posture, sleep habits and how you move. We combine that with strength, agility and balance testing and recommend simple ways to change habits that cause pain and distress. An easy to follow program builds new habits and exercise skills for long term change. Combined with chiropractic care and massage, exercise therapy empowers you to function more effectively and reach lifestyle goals.

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