Workplace Injury

Injured on the job? Whether it’s a sudden back injury, or cumulative stress to your wrists and shoulders, Oregon law allows you to seek treatment from a chiropractic physician. Work injuries can be immediate or develop over time as a result of repetitive strain.

What should you Do?  File a claim with your employer.  Oregon law allows chiropractors to be attending physicians for 60 days from the first date of treatment.  Follow-up care is coordinated with medical providers that Backs on Burnside has worked with for years.

Call our Office We are providers for SAIF and our services are covered by many other workers compensation insurance carriers.

We can assess your condition and prescribe appropriate treatment to get you back on the job.

  • Relieve your pain with manipulation and massage
  • Maximize your body’s healing powers
  • Help you prevent injuries with: posture retraining, lifting techniques, work station improvement tips


A man suffering workplace injury from heavy lifting

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