This is the first of a 3-part blog series on caring for yourself between chiropractic visits

Written by Dr. Kelley Silon


If you have ever been surprised because you did not realize that your muscles were sore until a treatment with your chiropractor or massage therapist, you are not alone. This is something we hear multiple times a week. Healthy muscles are strong, flexible and pain-free. So what is going on? And what can you do in between treatments to ensure that your muscles stay healthy?


Our Bodies Adapt to Pain

When you come in for treatment and your muscles are palpated, there is often an immediate feeling of soreness that you didn’t realize was there. Why is this? The most common reason for soreness is underlying tension in the muscle. This tension has been present for a long time, and your body has become desensitized to it in order to continue with everyday activities without discomfort. Repetitive stress on a muscle from spending multiple hours a day in the same position, improper joint mobility, or an old injury are all examples of things that can lead to underlying tension in a muscle. It is also not uncommon for all these factors to be present in the same person.


How we Address Muscle and Joint Pain

When you come in for your appointment, we think it is very important to address any muscle tension you are experiencing. Our treatment approach at Backs on Burnside is a unique blend of both therapeutic soft tissue/massage and chiropractic adjustment. Your muscular tension is first addressed by receiving up to 15 minutes of targeted soft tissue work. Adjusting your joints after receiving soft tissue work will help ensure the health of your muscles. If your joints are not moving properly, the muscles around them will tighten up again to protect the joint. Once proper alignment and motion is restored to the joint, the corresponding muscles can relax.



Move it or lose it! Easy Exercises for Muscle Mobility

In between visits, movement is key to keeping your muscles strong, flexible and pain-free. If you do not move your muscles, they will become more immobile as you age. A simple way to incorporate movement into your daily life is to make a point of moving all your joints throughout their range of motion every day. What does this look like? Follow the steps below:

  • Starting at your neck, movement would entail looking up and down, bending each ear to your shoulder on the same side and turning your head both directions.• Next, rotate your shoulders to the right and left
  • Continue done your spine by bending to touch your toes and leaning backwards, and leaning side to side
  • If you find this easy and appealing, keep going with the rest of you body to include your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. This is a great place to start.

Check out other office stretches by clicking this link Office Stretches Infograph , and stay tuned for additional steps you can take to care for your muscles in upcoming blogs.

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