When you work all day lifting, bending or standing on your feet, tension builds in your body. Nothing provides relief like a good deep tissue massage. Many employers in the Portland area are recognizing the importance of massage as a medical therapy to improve an employee’s well-being and job performance. Whether its hard labor or computer work, our bodies bear the brunt of too much sitting, too much repetitive motion or too much lifting. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release and guided stretching all help relieve tension and improve function. Most people report being able to move better, work longer and sleep more restfully.

At Backs on Burnside getting treatment for “working out the knots” and learning what you can do in between treatments to bring relief, helps. Our trained staff of chiropractors, massage therapists and exercise coaches can restore your body’s balance and keep you on the job. We offer chiropractic plus massage for comprehensive treatment of “work a day” pain. If you stand on your feet a lot or if you bend repetitively getting an assessment before the kink, the spasm or the torque occurs can keep you up right. Our goal is to empower you to feel better and take a front seat in improving your health.

Our team listens to your concerns, assesses your condition and sets up a treatment plan to fit your individual needs. At our facility we offer chiropractic care, hour-long massages and exercise therapy. We have been on E. Burnside St. for 10 years and a Portland fixture since 1990. We have been featured in Portland monthly’s top docs for the past four years. We are open Monday through Saturday, six days a week to accommodate work and lifestyle schedules. Our front desk team of receptionists, insurance billers and troubleshooting staff will take care of appointments and insurance allowing you to focus on feeling better to keep you and your life in balance. Call our office to set up an appointment today.