Walk-In Chiropractor

At Backs on Burnside Chiropractic and Massage, we understand that there are many reasons why people need a chiropractic care provider, from sports injuries and work injuries to auto accidents and chronic pain. By creating custom treatment plans, our chiropractic team can help reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and range of motion, and improve your overall well-being. As chiropractic physicians, we look at the entire body as a whole, working with the neck, jaw, shoulders, wrists, hips, pelvis, ankles, and more. By making full-body chiropractic adjustments and manipulations, we can treat a wide range of symptoms involving the muscles, tendons, and joints. While some people may experience slight soreness, chiropractic treatment is a pain-free approach that can help people avoid expensive surgeries and addictive painkillers. Our experienced team is here to provide you with complete chiropractic care for all your needs in order to help improve your quality of life.

What Do Chiropractors Do?

As chiropractic physicians, we go through extensive training and education to understand how the human body works. We study anatomy, bone structure, the musculoskeletal system, bone disorders, x-rays, and so much more. When you come to our office, we won’t just start cracking away; we will ask you questions and perform a physical exam to get a thorough understanding of what your problems are and what we can do to fix them. We will discuss everything from your medical history and previous injuries to your ability to perform daily tasks and any issues with sleeping. Depending on your injuries and symptoms, your treatment plan may involve several visits over the course of a few weeks or months. Additionally, we may recommend additional treatments outside of the office, like specific exercises, stretches, ice/heat applications, or posture correctors.


Local Chiropractor

As a local chiropractor, we strive to provide our clients with the effective care they need and deserve. By using different approaches like spinal manipulation and massage therapy, we are able to help our patients get relief from neck pain, joint pain, hip pain, and numerous other symptoms.

Backs on Burnside takes a personalized approach to your care. Our team of chiropractic physicians make time to determine the cause of your condition, treat the problem and empower you to prevent reoccurrence.

Our chiropractic care includes the following:

  • Joint adjustments that relieve restrictions and pressure
  • A massage with each visit to relax tense muscles and spasms
  • Exercise, posture, and stress management prescriptions
  • State-of-the-art techniques: Graston, ultrasound, microcurrent, and Kinesiotape

Your Friendly Chiropractic Clinic Near Me Offers Massage Therapy Treatments

A massage is an integrated part of Backs on Burnside treatment. Each chiropractic visit includes muscle therapy. Hour-long massages can also be scheduled to enhance healing and injury recovery. Our highly trained massage therapists are experienced with car, bike, and workplace injuries, sports sprains and strains, and stress-related conditions.

  • Experienced massage therapy with chiropractic treatments
  • Offered as hour-long injury recovery sessions
  • Deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques

Common Car Accident Chiropractor Questions

What is chiropractic care, and what conditions does it treat?
Chiropractic care is a natural and non-invasive form of healthcare that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. It can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and sports injuries.
What can I expect during my first visit to a chiropractic clinic?
During your first visit, the chiropractor will perform a thorough examination, including taking your medical history, conducting physical and neurological tests, and ordering diagnostic imaging or laboratory tests. The chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs based on the examination results.
What techniques do chiropractors use to treat patients?
Chiropractors use various treatment techniques, including spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and exercise therapy. Spinal manipulation involves applying a controlled force to a joint in the spine to improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and restore function. Soft tissue therapy involves applying pressure to specific body areas to relax tense muscles and reduce pain. Exercise therapy involves prescribing specific exercises to help improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
Is chiropractic care safe?
Chiropractic care is generally considered safe when performed by a licensed and trained chiropractor. Like any form of healthcare, there are risks associated with chiropractic care, but these risks are rare and typically mild. The most common side effects include soreness, stiffness, and mild discomfort in the treated area.
Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?
Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care, but coverage varies depending on the plan. Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance provider to see what is covered and your out-of-pocket costs.

The Search For Chiropractors Near Me Is Over!

At Backs on Burnside Chiropractic and Massage, we strive to provide the chiropractic services that our clients depend on. Since 1991, we have provided local residents with the quality care and services they need. If you are suffering from an injury or pain, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by for a walk-in appointment. Our number one priority is our patients. We strive to ensure each of our patients leaves feeling better than when they walked in, which is why we follow up each chiropractic appointment with a deep tissue massage.

Call Backs on Burnside and start feeling better today!